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Pepper, 1930

Edward Weston

Edward Weston was one of the true regenerative artist: an awakener of the eye and the evolving mind it serves. Regeneration was a quality that Weston brought to photography for more than three decades, defining both the limits and the generosities of his medium. Point Lobos was only one of his subjects, though he returned to it again and again, and took his last photograph there. His career spanned crucial years in American photography, and a restless pursuit of his art created a body of work that ranged over nudes, still lifes, industrial scenes, portraiture, landscapes, and any other subject that touched his visual imagination." (Aperture: Masters of Photography: Number 7, Edward Weston, 1988)

Cole Weston, Edward's youngest son, made prints from Edward's original negatives for approximately forty years. Each print was made according to Edward's specifications, created in the same format as his father's. In 1988 Cole stopped printing, and the negatives are now safely stored at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona.

Nude, 1936

Tres Ollas, 1926

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