Danielle Nelson Mourning, (American, b. 1976, lives and works in California)
It is clear that this is not the actual past we are viewing, that the artist’s invention and emulation evoke an imagined revisiting of one’s fiction and truth.

Sparky Campanella, (American, b. 1962, lives and works in California)
Sparky Campanella documents the urban horizon as “site,” creating minimalist abstractions wherein the generalized horizon yields an unexpected connection to the natural world.

Ted Preuss, (American, b. 1962, lives and works in Chicago, IL)
Ted Preuss captures the elegance and grace of the female form by embedding platinum-palladium into Bodhi leaves which reveals a warm inner beauty with a distinct vintage feel.

Dale Johnson, (American, b. 1944, lives and works in California and Santa Fe, NM)
Shot with a toy camera lens, Johnson’s photographs are moody, evocative, like a painterly dream.

Paul Coghlin, (England, b. 1967, lives and works in Suffolk, England)
Through a careful blend of tones and textures, Paul Coghlin's innovative photographs consist of evocative monochromes of the natural world and our surroundings, which are contrasted by eye-catching but subtle colour compositions, many of which feature a single prominent colour.

A quite calm envelops the viewer upon seeing this collaboration of newly appointed works at the Weston Gallery. There exists a theme between the artists of bucolic wonder, introspection, and peace. The featured artists, while new to the Weston Gallery are not new to the art of making fine art photography. Their works are included in both national and international collections and they have won many acclaimed grants and awards. We invite you to visit our website for complete biographies, press coverage and to view photographic works.

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