March 28 - May 17, 2015

The Weston Gallery is pleased to present The World Around, photographs by Cara Weston. Growing up in a family of photographers, daughter of Cole Weston, niece of Brett Weston and granddaughter of world renowned photographer, Edward Weston, the question inevitably transpires, “When will you pick up the camera?”. In 1995, Cara answered this question and she has been producing work every since.

Her compositions stand next to her predecessors with ease. A careful observer of this land, Cara’s photographs are pure, timeless and inspired; transient botanicals, linear architectural works, transporting landscapes and sublime abstractions. She is an original voice in a family of photographic eminence and the Weston Gallery is pleased to play a role in her journey.

Artist Statement
Giving my spirit time to breathe in order to capture the ephemeral richness of light is my meditation practice. Seeing is more than just observation, it is the recognition of each element in a scene for its own purpose; honoring its existence and how it contributes to the greater whole. As a photographer I am constantly drawn to the subtleties of the world around me and how they play against each-other in moments of contrast.

I am blessed to have always had photography in my life. By heritage, by inclination and by emotional immersion the images I produce are to satisfy my own need to create and they exist in the hope that others will join me on the journey.





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