Established in 1975, the Weston Gallery is owned and operated by Matthew Weston (a grandson of Edward Weston) and his wife Davika "Davi" Weston. The Weston Gallery was founded by Margaret “Maggi” Weston and opened with a one-man show of the works, and at the urging of her dear friend, Ansel Adams. Along with a handful of pioneering photographic dealers, Maggi's role as a gallerist has played a critical role in the creation of today's photographic market.


World Renowned

We are a world leader in the field of fine vintage and contemporary photography. This position of leadership stems from our deep dedication to the medium and we deal specifically in photographs as works of art. We emphasize those works which we feel are important to the overall history of 19th, modernist and 20th, as well as contemporary photography. We are fortunate to have an extensive inventory and a wealth of knowledge to assist any collector.


If you have fine art photographs you are considering selling, please think of us. We are always looking for iconic works by master photographers to add to our collection or find the perfect home for. Please contact one of our specialists today.


Our Clients

We are here to help answer any questions you may have. While we specialize in the field of 19th century, vintage and modernist works, we represent some of the most important contemporary artists of our time. We have built numerous corporate, public and private collections. Whether you already have an extensive inventory, and are looking for us to source a rare piece, or you are just getting started in collecting, we look forward to working with you. We also welcome corporate inquires for commissions, special projects and installations.


Whether you're just staring out in the art of collecting, or have been doing so for many years, we are here to help with any questions you may have. The Weston Gallery has helped build and curate public, private, corporate and museum collections worldwide. Learn the basics here.


The Roots of California Photography

The Roots of California Photography was produced for the Monterey Museum of Art in 2001. It includes archival footage of Ansel Adams, Cole Weston and Brett Weston, as well as contemporary interviews with other exceptional California photographers.

Roots was narrated by Jack Lemmon, one of the last films he was involved with before his death in 2001. He graciously donated hist talent because of his love for the Monterey Peninsula. The script was written by art critic and author Steve Hauk. Original music by John Haris.

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