Alfred Stieglitz

(AMERICAN, 1864 – 1946)

Alfred Stieglitz was an American The body of photography that represents Alfred Stieglitz's achievement as an artist was appraised by fellow photographer Edward Steichen as "like none ever made by any other photographer." Stieglitz's seminal role as artist and art impresario at a time when American culture was redefining its fundamental ways of seeing, thinking and experiencing the world is difficult to briefly define or describe. He is more than just one of the finest photographers of his time and the creator of some of the most iconic images in the history of the art. He is one of the pillars upon which 20th century photography stands. Through his galleries, 291 and An American Place, as well as through Camera Work, the photographic journal which he founded and edited, he fostered the careers of the most important photographers of the first half of the century, including Paul Strand, Edward Steichen, Edward Weston, and Ansel Adams.